Product Development

We can create a new seasoning based on a formula from our extensive library or start from scratch with your ideas. We will create a sample for your evaluation (approx. 6 oz size). After you evaluate the sample, we will make adjustments as needed to the flavor, color or granulation and send a revised sample.

Nutritional Analysis

A nutrition facts panel is required on most food labels.  We can provide you with the information needed for your package.

FDA Compliance

Though we are not legal experts and don’t offer legal advice, we will help you with your compliance questions and help lead you to the answers.

Label Printing

Labeling has become an increasingly complex part of food production, but you can count on us to guide you through the process. 


Packaging – Leverage our decades of experience, and strong relationships with many of the industry leading packaging manufacturers. We can package in bottles, bags, boxes or whatever you have in mind.


When it is time to deliver your product to the world, count on NeuSpice to help you navigate the complex logistics of world wide distribution.